- Project has been cleaned of inused assets.

- The tutoriel has been sigthely visualy edited.

- The "Hub" and the "bonus" level have been removed.

- The FOV has been increased to 80°.

- The Sound File has been edited and optimised.

- Oclusion culling has been activated on most asset so, this could cause somme shadows glitch, but will encrased the performance sigthly.

- License type is added in the folder of the game and in the "about" section of the main menu, is apache 2.0 - i let you ask to your search engine -, the project is compressed and downloadable under the game , is for unity 2017.1.

That's all ! Thanks !


BoB_VFINAL_WIN_x64.exe 76 MB
Aug 06, 2017

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