- you can now crouch with left control.

- A new tutorial Level has been added.

- The main charachter as now a "model", and it's unity chan <3

- The code ahve roll back to net 3.5 for more stability.

- There is a TPS verssion of the 1st level for purpose of testing.

- You can now change the graphique settings directly from the option menu.

- There is also new graphique presets.

-The hub as been redonne.

-The game start faster - less splash screen -.

-The Menu UI has been scalled a little.

-The FOV has been reduced to 70°, to make the game less "hard" for newcommers.

-The mouss curssor is no display from start, to help naviguate trough the main menu.

-You can return to the main menu, from the in game pause menu.

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